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Just like Humans, Stem Cells Also Benefit Dogs

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Just like for human’s, stem cell therapy also provides wonderful benefits for pets, especially dogs and horses.  The same healing and rejuvenation properties apply that involve using the pet’s own stem cells that are then injected back into the damaged muscle, joints and tissues.  In this video, dog owners talk about how Vet, Dr. Mike Hutchinson used stem cell injections to achieve major repair benefits and recovery times for their dogs.

The research and development (and independent clinical testing) of the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray supplement for humans was done over 10 years ago, at the same time Dr. Hutchinson started clinical trials on dogs.  Much of this stem cell research (for humans as well as pets) is now just starting to be acknowledged.  Check out the video below for dogs and for more information on the Stem Cell Worx supplements (for humans and also Pet Cell Worx for dogs) visit: 

Stem Cell Whttp://www.stemcellworx.comorx  developed a Pet Cell Worx supplement for dogs as many clients were buying the human supplement and on seeing the benefits themselves they were also giving it to their pets.  You can view the details here:

11 Year Old Finn Is A Cancer Survivor and Alive And So Are 20 Others Thanks To Stem Cells

Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Daily Mirror EXCLUSIVE February 2020

Finn McEwen, now 11, needed a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) at just six-years-old.  The cancer is extremely rare in children and is caused by ‘immature’ blood cells forming in a person’s bone marrow.

Now, Finn’s mother Carole, from Liverpool, has revealed Finn’s fight for survival and global search for a match has helped save 20 more lives – and added 20,000 to the stem cell donor register.

Carole described how Finn first started feeling unwell in January 2015 – when he suffered a heavy nose bleed that wouldn’t stop.

After many tests, the family were hit with a blow when medics said chemotherapy was not be an option and the only chance of survival was a stem cell transplant.

Mum-of-three Carole said: “They told us we would need to find a match as soon as possible because his condition was worsening.

Carole said: “The search for a stem cell donor started off locally and then there was a really big response – almost overnight 2,000 people had accessed the page. It was amazing to see people getting on board so much, but at that stage Finn was in hospital every day and he had gotten ill quite quickly.”

In May 2015, Carole finally got the call she had been waiting for – when Delete Blood Cancer told her a match had been found and a transplant was scheduled for June 11.

In the process of finding Finn’s match, the campaign also helped 20 other patients find a match for a stem cell transplant.

After his transplant, Finn was left with a drastically weaker immune system and placed in isolation where only his parents were allowed to visit.

Carole said: “They told us he would be in for eight weeks but he was in for five because his white blood cells came up really quickly

“Initially we had checks to see the transplant had worked and once he was discharged it was three times a week, then twice a week and then once a week when all his levels came back up.”

The family remained weary of the transplant after being warned Finn’s weak immune system would make him susceptible to infection.

Carole said: “Sometimes the transplant can appear like it’s worked but this form of aggressive cancer can come back and if it comes back in six months there’s very little they can do, so we were terrified when Finn showed signs of being unwell again.

After a relapse a year after the transplant, Finn continued with his hospital appointments, and showed signs of stabilizing.  His check-ups were then reduced to an annual check-up at Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Fast forward to 2020 

Earlier this year, 2020, Finn received the incredible news that his stem cell transplant to treat his cancer had officially been a success and he could be completely discharged from hospital.

Carole said: “We went to see Finn’s consultant Rob Wynn who said Finn had done amazingly and that he had something to say to him – that’s when he said, “he’s cured. It’s over.” That is when Carole got the biggest lump in her throat.

“It was the most unbelievable and wonderful thing to hear – and then to find out from DKMS that 20 patients were also being given a second chance at life from donors who were inspired by Finn’s campaign.”