Just like Humans, Stem Cells Also Benefit Dogs

Just like for human’s, stem cell therapy also provides wonderful benefits for pets, especially dogs and horses.  The same healing and rejuvenation properties apply that involve using the pet’s own stem cells that are then injected back into the damaged muscle, joints and tissues.  In this video, dog owners talk about how Vet, Dr. Mike Hutchinson used stem cell injections to achieve major repair benefits and recovery times for their dogs.

The research and development (and independent clinical testing) of the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray supplement for humans was done over 10 years ago, at the same time Dr. Hutchinson started clinical trials on dogs.  Much of this stem cell research (for humans as well as pets) is now just starting to be acknowledged.  Check out the video below for dogs and for more information on the Stem Cell Worx supplements (for humans and also Pet Cell Worx for dogs) visit: www.stemcellworx.com 

Stem Cell Whttp://www.stemcellworx.comorx  developed a Pet Cell Worx supplement for dogs as many clients were buying the human supplement and on seeing the benefits themselves they were also giving it to their pets.  You can view the details here: https://www.stemcellworx.com/products-c-10.html?

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