Bovine Colostrum Research Papers and Clinical Studies

Bovine colostrum is identical in molecular structure to the colostrum of humans but offers many more benefits.  This is because bovine colostrum contains far greater nutrients and growth factors  than human colostrum.  For example, IgGs in bovine (cow) colostrum can be as high as 30% whereas human colostrum contains 2% IgG.

Bovine colostrum contains over ninety known compounds.  Of these, primary components within bovine colostrum include:

  • immune factors (natural antibodies, immunoglobulins, prolin rich polypeptides, lactoferrin, cytokines, lymphokins, glycoproteins and leucocytes to name just a few).
  • growth factors that are vital to stimulate growth and help in the regeneration and accleration of repair and renewal of muscle, skin, collagen, bone, cartilage and nerve tissue.
  • vitamins, minerals and aminoacids.

All colostrum is not created equal.  Bovine colostrum from New  Zealand is recognized throughout the world as being of the highest grade and purity, due to their strict farming practices and green, natural pastures.  Pasture fed cows in New Zealand are also free of artificial hormones and pesticides.  The bovine colostrum used in Stem Cell Worx products is collected fresh and is not heat treated or frozen like in most other countries.  This enables the IgG levels in Stem Cell Worx products to be over 30% and protein levels to be over 54%.  The sublingual spray application (under the tongue) that the Stem Cell Worx Intraoral Spray provides also enables a 95% absorption rate of nutrients directly into the blood stream compared to just 10% – 20% for capsules and tablets.

Many human health benefits have been attributed to bovine colostrum including:

  • increased energy levels
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • association with lower risks of upper respiratory illnesses
  • anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses
  • an increased ability to burn body fat and build lean muscle tissue
  • acceleration of healing after injury, illness and/or surgery
  • increased vitality, anti-aging and longevity properties
  • protection of the gut wall.

There are many published scientific studies and pub meds that evidence the benefits of bovine colostrum.  Click the safe link below that provides a range of clinical studies and research that outline the many health benefits bovine colostrum offers.

Clinical Research Papers and Clinical Studies