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Athletes Are Back And Winning Thanks To Stem Cells

Sunday, September 22nd, 2019

Adult stem cells are leading the way in terms of how numerous injuries and diseases are being treated successfully.  What better way to heal, repair and preserve the body than to nourish, trigger and utilize your very own healthy stem cells that already reside in your body.

The human body is a matrix of cells, in fact 50 to 70 trillion cells. It is therefore vital we nourish and preserve our cells throughout our entire lifetime. Damaged and worn out stem cells open up the pathway for deterioration, disease and illness. Unhealthy and dormant stem cells also contribute to aging and cause a major slowdown in recovery times.

Adult stem cells (defined as “adult” from the moment we are born) are our body’s very own internal repair and renewal kit. Stem cells maintain, repair and renew many of our body’s components (including tissue, muscle, organs, blood, bone, brain, nerve and tendons).

Top athletes are leaders when it comes to what treatments work best to heal and maintain the body at optimal levels. Athletes must get back into their game quickly, with as little down time as possible and to make that happen they require the most promising non-evasive treatments available.

At no time in history have we seen such colossal advancements being made in the field of biology and regenerative medicine as they are today.

So why are so many athletes turning to stem cell treatment?

  • It is non invasive.
  • It is an outpatient procedure with virtually no down time.
  • There is almost no risk of rejection as it involves the patient’s own stem cells (unless a donor is required. A match from an adult is found if the person’s own stem cells are not healthy enough).
  • It works. Stem Cell treatments are now backed by numerous human stem cell clinical trials and studies. Furthermore, research, reviews and testimonials provide compelling evidence of the benefits.

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Here is a snap of 5 top athletes who have had stem cell therapy and their incredible outcomes.

Tennis Champion Rafael Nadal

In November 2014, Rafael Nadal’s Doctor announced the Grand Slam winner was to receive stem cell treatment on his ailing back.  At the time, Angel Ruiz-Cotorro told The Press “we are going to put cells in a joint in his spine” in Barcelona.  Nadal is no stranger to regenerative joint injections.  He had previously had stem cell treatment to help his aging knees.

Fast forward to this month, September 2019 and Rafael Nadal won the U.S. Open to claim his 19th Grand Slam title against Daniil Medvedev.  Nadal is now just one major championship away from tying Roger Federer’s record.

UFC Fighter Dustin Poirier

A number of the UFC fighters have had stem cell injections, including Dustin Poirier and UFC light heavyweight fighter Daniel Cormier. Stem cell injections enabled both men to avoid having surgery.

Poirier had multiple tears of the labrum in his hip.  After receiving second opinions from Doctors it was confirmed his best option was stem cell injections – greatly decreasing his recovery time compared to surgery.  He received the injections in October 2018.  He was back training within days and has had some tough fights since.  This month, Russian UFC fighter Nurmagomedov did defeat Dustin Poirier.  However, Poirier isn’t going to be sitting on a loss for very long.  He is fighting fit and within days he put out a request to Conor McGregor for a rematch.

Baseball Pitcher Bartolo Colon

In 2011 Bartolo Colon was no longer pitching for a major league team. Closing in on 40 years of age and plagued with injuries, and missing the entire 2010 season due to elbow and rotator cuff damage it seemed his career was over.

This all changed when he received stem cell injections in 2011. His stem cells were taken from his own bone marrow, concentrated and injected back into his rotator cuff and ligaments. His recovery was miraculous.

What happened?

Colon’s amazing comeback shortly after his stem cell injections in 2011 gave him a further 7 years at the professional level until he retired last year in 2018.  To get an incredible seven more years at the top level in any sport is absolutely amazing.

Football Legend Cristiano Ronaldo


In 2016, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo underwent stem cell treatment in an attempt to recover from thigh and knee injuries. His knee injury was very bad with the CT scan showing a rupture.  The stem cell treatment repaired the damage and soon after the stem cell injections his knee and hip pain disappeared completely.  He stated this was something he had not experienced in two years with traditional therapies.

Football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to play soccer professionally and he joined the Italian Club, Juventus in 2018.  Juventus paid Real Madrid  £99.2million to secure him.  In the 2018/2019 season he has scored 28 goals so far.  He will be 35 years of age in February 2020 but has no plans to retire.  The Portuguese footballer is the first player to win the rebranded UEFA Champions League five times and he recently said he could play until he is 41.

World Class Golfer Jack Nicklaus

Golf legend Jack Nicklaus received stem cell injections in 2016.  The retired pro-golfer only recently spoke out about having received stem cell therapy.  Nicklaus received the treatment back in March 2016, at age 76.  He travelled to Germany to have his treatment. He was determined to play golf again after years of debilitating back pain. By the time he underwent the treatment in March 2016, Nicklaus’ back pain was so bad he had trouble standing. “I could not hit a golf ball without hurting. I could not stand up for more than 10 minutes,” he said.

The procedure used stem cells taken from his fat that were extracted using a liposuction procedure.  The stem cells were then concentrated and injected back into Nicklaus’ back in an outpatient clinic. It was a very quick procedure with very quick results. Thanks to the stem cell therapy,  Nicklaus now aged 79 years of age is playing golf every day pain free and says he can stand “for as long as I want.”

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